[Axie] Feather Weather Contest

Let's ruffle some feathers, Lunacia!

[Axie] Feather Weather Contest

Lunacia, you’re invited to our Feather Weather Contest from March 24 to March 29!
We’re introducing limited-time prizes to celebrate the end of Season 3’s Epic Era. Remember that over 39,000 AXS is still on the line, and the Mystic Era is right around the corner. Here’s what’s happening now:

Contest Details

The Feather Weather Contest is all about Bird axies. If the Bird class has always been your favorite, then this is the contest for you!

Buy, release, and win battles with Bird axies to complete missions that earn you some juicy points. Collect enough points to earn Moon Shards, Moon Dusts, and limited time cosmetics!

We're trying something new this contest and having the first milestone require no points! This means the moment the contest begins you will have 100 free moon shards to claim. We hope that gets you motivated to go ahead and crush the rest of the milestones!

Sneak peek of what you can win by participating in the Feather Weather Contest! Rumor has it that this will be Animated soon!

If you want to know all the ways you can earn points with and without Bird axies, read the full contest details here:

Join The Contest!

Blitz Mode

We introduced Blitz Mode at the beginning of the Epic Era and it will continue during the Feather Weather Contest! Blitz Mode is where each turn lasts only 20 seconds and animations are at 1.5x speed.

The feedback has been amazing and it’s clear that the community is loving it! Check out what some of your fellow Lunacians have to say.

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