Congratulations to the Origins Theorycrafting Winners!

Your prizes are on their way!

Congratulations to the Origins Theorycrafting Winners!

Thank you to everyone who shared their build ideas for the Axie Origins Season 2 meta! We’ve seen very interesting ideas that eventually became part of the meta for S2.

The AXS prize for the random raffle draw will arrive by the end of this week—and all qualified entries should have received the exclusive avatar already.

If you want to learn more about the Theorycrafting Challenge, read our previous announcement here.

Here’s the list of the 20 winners of 10 AXS each from the random raffle!

1.) @darw1ntrovert

2.) @dfelix_vina

3.) @MogollonJoseph

4.) @gcorr_

5.) @robert_avila_ve

6.) @jucadeg

7.) @Nightz_01

8.) @CharlioDoz

9.) @darcon1992

10.) @Titomax63

11.) @es_ezil

12.) @0xBushi2

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