FIFA 23 players FIFA 23 players bash Ultimate Team chemistry system over lack of creativity

FIFA 23 players are criticizing the new chemistry system and claim that it may actually be a step back for the franchise.

FIFA 23 players FIFA 23 players bash Ultimate Team chemistry system over lack of creativity

FIFA 23 introduces a new chemistry system, and players are not very receptive to the massive change.

Instead of the usual chemistry lines FIFA players grew accustomed to, chemistry no longer works on a number out of 100. Instead, players have individual requirements based on three thresholds; league, country, and club.

The change is one of the largest in FIFA history and is sure to take time for players to adjust to. EA advertised the new chemistry system as a way to grant players more freedom when crafting their dream team.

Unfortunately, some FIFA 23 players believe that the system has had an inverse effect, making squad building more “restrictive” than ever.

FIFA 23 players criticize new chemistry system

Van Dijk in FIFA 23
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

The FIFA 23 beta launched on August 12. The closed beta offers players an early look at Ultimate Team and other game modes.

A Reddit user asked if “going back to the old chemistry system would be the best way to have creative teams.”

One player responded, “the new chem system requires too much (3 of league or nation) whereas before, only one other player could be enough. It seems sort of strange as it is a huge step back.”

A second user argued, “After playing the beta, it feels like I’m being forced to play certain nations or leagues.”

Players criticized the new system for being overcomplicated and cumbersome when trying to build a squad. Before, players could get full chemistry with just one strong link between players, but in FIFA 23, it could take up to three additional players, if not more.

A third user responded, “This new system is hilariously convoluted. This is truly an instance where they got Chemistry right the first time.

FIFA 23 does not officially release until September 30, so we won’t know until then if this feature accomplishes its goal.