How to watch ALGS Split 2 Pro League NA: Stream, Apex Legends teams, standings

ALGS Pro League is back in NA for Split 2 as the best teams in the region will fight for spots at LAN: here's how you can catch the action.

How to watch ALGS Split 2 Pro League NA: Stream, Apex Legends teams, standings

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Pro League is back in Split 2. Catch all the action here with the latest schedule and results from North America.

After a month-long break following the conclusion of the Split 1 Finals in London, Year 3 of the ALGS, featuring a whopping $5 million prize pool, continues with Split 2. The 30 best teams from North America will compete in Pro League, with ten spots at the LAN event in July on offer.

Two casters commentating during the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs
Joe Brady (@joebradyphoto)/ALGS
The best Pro League NA teams will qualify for the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

The participating teams have been seeded into three groups, based on Split 1 Playoffs and Split 2 qualifiers performance. The groups will face each other three times over the next seven weeks, with 20 teams progressing to the Regional Final. The total Post Match Series Points will then be used to determine the final standings.

Here’s what you need to know about the ALGS Pro League NA, including how to watch the matches and the latest schedule and results.



The ALGS Pro League is started on March 11 and will run until May 7. The tournament will be broadcast on Apex Legends’ official Twitch and YouTube channels, with matches starting at 11pm GMT/3pm PT.

ALGS Pro League NA: Schedule & results

Day 1: March 11 (Group A vs B)

Placement Team Points
1 DarkZero 60
2 GLYTCH Energy 54
3 FaZe Clan 52
4 Drug Free 48
5 NRG 40

Day 2: March 12 (Group A vs C)

Placement Team Points
1 XSET 76
2 FaZe 57
3 BBB 46
4 Team Diverge 44
5 Meat Lovers 43

Day 3: March 18 (Group B vs C)

Placement Team Points
1 100 Thieves 66
2 XSET 61
3 FURIA 56
4 DarkZero 51
5 NRG 49

Day 4: March 19 (Group A vs B)

Placement Team Points

Remaining game days

  • Day 5: March 26 (Group A vs C)
  • Day 6: April 9 (Group B vs C)
  • Day 7: April 16 (Group A vs B)
  • Day 8: April 23 (Group A vs C)
  • Day 9: April 30 (Group B vs C)
  • Finals: May 7
Group A Group B Group C
Complexity 100 Thieves BBB
FaZe Clan AJC Drop-In Gaming
LTC CLG Luminosity
Meat Lovers DarkZero Oxygen Esports
MLS Drug Free Rise
Native Glory SCS
Sentinels Glytch Energy Team Inters
TSM NRG Tripods
Team Diverge OpTic Gaming XSET

ALGS Pro League NA: Standings

The following standings will be updated after every match day.

Placement Team Points
1 XSET 46
2 DarkZero 41
3 FaZe 39
4 100 Thieves 35
5 Glytch Energy 34
6 NRG 30
7 Meat Lovers 28
8 Team Diverge 27
9 FURIA 24
10 BBB 24
11 Drug Free 23
12 CLG 22
13 OpTic Gaming 22
14 Complexity 19
15 Native Gaming 17
16 Oxygen Esports 17
17 Luminosity 16
18 LTC 15
19 Sentinels 14
20 SCS 14
21 TSM 12
22 MLS 12
23 Team Inters 12
24 LANimals 11
25 Drop-In Gaming 11
26 CCE UCX 10
27 Noxious 9
28 AJC 6
29 Rise 5
30 Tripods 5

ALGS Pro League NA: Teams and players

Below you can find all the teams competing in ALGS Split 2 Pro League NA and their respective lineups:

Team Players
Complexity Monsoon, Cody, Lewda
FaZe Clan Snip3down, Phony, Frexs
LANimals StayNaughty, Albralelie, lou
LTC DANMANNTIC, NotDaniel, McLovibn
Meat Lovers TeQ, Xynew, Fuhhnq
MLS ImMadness, Luxford, Shooby
Native Clane, Caprah, BulletL
Sentinels Rkn, Keon, RamBeau
TSM ImperialHal, Reps, Verhulst
Team Diverge GsBird, SleepyPanda, ajnassudah
100 Thieves Vaxlon, scuwry, Onmuu
AJC LKarma, Goat, Orioles
CCE UCX shini, Prophet, sauz
CLG NanoFRYS, Mamba, iShiny
DarkZero Zer0, Sharky, Genburten
Drug Free Asura, Impulsive Dream, Sauceror
Glory CUBSKi, Avexys, Protectful
Glytch Energy Vein, Reedz, aidanthedestroye
NRG sweetdreams, nafen, Gild
OpTic Gaming Knoqd, Skittlecakes, Dropped
XSET oh Nocturnal, FunFPS, sSikezz
Tripods NICKMERCS, Gent, Deeds
Team Inters Flinzar, JET, IcyRvR
SCS crust, Slayr, senoxe
Rise DeToX, retzi, Awons
Oxygen Esports Hill, Xenial, Enemy
Luminosity Neazul, jaguares, YanYa
FURIA HisWattson, Pandxrz, Xeratricky
Drop-In Gaming Stompez, JayeCue, Stuhni
BBB Zach, ChaoticMuch, Dezignful