Introducing: The New AxieInfinity.Com!

We’re proud to reveal a brand new look for

Introducing: The New AxieInfinity.Com!

Key Points

  • An upgraded is live! The site now better serves its purpose as the outward facing landing zone for prospective Lunacians.

  • is now faster than ever and features beautiful new art.

  • The site was built alongside our friends at Tribally who truly understand the meaning of building together.

Today, we’re proud to reveal a brand new look for! is the landing zone for most prospective Lunacians, it’s important that it reflects the visual appeal and vision of our digital nation.

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What’s New

You’ll find the site loads faster and the layout is more intuitive to traditional gamers and Web3 natives alike. Find information about our games, the Axie Builder’s Program, Axie Creators, our Whitepaper, and even our community-created Code of Conduct. This website makes it easier for new users to get to know – and onboard into our digital nation.

The new Axie Infinity website also features awesome new art available to anyone, anywhere. Unleash your creativity and use these graphics to spruce up your social media profiles and your content.

New Art Assets

Please note that we’ll be updating and upgrading this site periodically based on data we collect as well as feedback from the community.

Tribally x Axie

Tribally are the community builders behind They joined the Axie community in 2021, created the popular website Axie.Tech, and became an official Community Tooling Partner in 2022. Today, we’re thrilled to work together on key infrastructure like the website we revealed today. The new concludes the first phase of a long-term joint project between us, and lays the foundation for us to continue iterating on the site together. Thank you to Best, Amy, and Rare for your great work on!

Final Thoughts

Axie is more than a game: we’re a powerful worldwide movement. We’ve made history together but there’s still a long and arduous road ahead. We will face many challenges but we will face them as united Lunacians.

The story behind is a great example of what we can accomplish together. We are eager to explore and expand on partnerships like this with the community going forward. Make sure to check out the new site and show it your friends and family!

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