Modern Warfare 2 Ranked map rotation gets major update

Modern Warfare 2's Ranked Play now features the game's newest arena as part of its map and mode lineup as a test for the CDL.

Modern Warfare 2 Ranked map rotation gets major update

The latest Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play update brought about a few fixes and also added the game’s newest map into the competitive lineup.

Ranked Play has been a huge success for the Modern Warfare 2 devs. The mode has been well-received on nearly all fronts, with only concerns about cheaters and a limited map pool holding it back.

When the new Himmelmatt Expo map arrived in Season 2, many players called for it to replace some of the weaker map & mode combos. Treyarch heard the call and is testing it out in Ranked and they hope the feedback here will shed light on whether the map can work in the official Call of Duty League ruleset.

Modern Warfare 2’s Himmelmatt Expo added to Ranked Play

Himmelmatt Expo has been added to Ranked Play, with both Search & Destroy and Control being tested for the time being. Pros and fans alike have been hoping for a replacement for Al Bagra Control, and while the CDL won’t pull the trigger on replacing it yet, this represents the first real chance for change.

“We’ve seen a lot of buzz about adding Himmelmatt Expo to the competitive map pool. So how about we give it a spin in Ranked Play? Control and Search & Destroy sound good?” the devs tweeted.

This decision immediately drew praise from many, and Call of Duty World League commentator turned streaming star CouRage was one of the first to acknowledge the studio’s effort to liven things up.

“This is so awesome. Well done,” he replied to Treyarch.

Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play is only 17 days away from its end, and while there’s no early word on what’s coming in Season 2, the devs clearly aren’t done cooking things up for the new mode quite yet.