Offers are LIVE on App.axie!

You can now receive offers on your axies and land!

Offers are LIVE on App.axie!

Key Points

  • Anyone, anywhere can now send and receive offers for axies and land on App.axie.

  • Customize notifications and set minimum thresholds for email alerts on your collectibles' offers.

  • The Offer feature is the beginning of many marketplace upgrades to come.

We’re happy to share that anyone, anywhere can now make and accept offers on app.axie! We know this has been on our community’s wish list for a while and are thrilled to take this major step towards a more prosperous centre of commerce for our digital nation. Thank you to each Lunacian who asked – and asked some more – for Offers on App.axie. Here’s everything you need to know:

How to Place an Offer

  1. Visit the app.axie marketplace and find the item you want to buy

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  1. Click “Make Offer.”

  2. Enter the amount of your offer and select an expiration date.

  3. Click “Place Offer.”

  4. Sit back, relax, and wait for an email notification.

How to Set Email Notifications

Want to know when someone made a great offer for your collectible – or accepted an offer you made? Set an email notification. First, go to “Settings.” Then, click “Offers.” Choose the minimum amount that will trigger an email notification and adjust this number for special collections. This allows you to ignore offers that you wouldn’t accept anyway, while receiving a notification for those sweet and juicy offers everyone loves to get. 

If you want to learn more, read our support guide here.

How to Manage Your Offers

Many Lunacians own a lot of axies. It can be hard to keep track of them all! When someone makes you an offer, you will see it on the “Offers” page which you can access from the pop-out menu on the left. Plus, you can see offers you’ve made on someone else’s collectibles under the “Sent” tab. 

Final Thoughts

We cannot thank our digital nation enough for the feedback that brought app.axie to this point. We know how important this feature is to our community, and we’re glad to push it live today. If you have any more ideas you’d like to see on App.axie, let us know! We’re building Axie together: Infinite possibilities, and maybe even infinite offers!

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