Origins S3: Welcome to the Mystic Era

The most intense era of Origins is finally here!

Origins S3: Welcome to the Mystic Era

Key Points:

  • Welcome to last stage of Season 3—the Mystic Era! 56,238+ AXS is on the line.

  • A new and improved ‘Mystic Moment’ is here to improve your crafting experience!

  • We’re doubling SLP Rewards for everyone this week! Enjoy more SLP for each win!

Quick Epic Era Recap

Congrats to everyone who placed and fought hard during the Epic Era. We’ve seen more unique builds come up during this era, as well as utilizing some new runes and charms that we haven’t seen in previous eras.

Top 10 Rune breakdown is from

The Top 100 features a variety of different runes, with good representation from multiple classes, showcasing the diverse meta in the Epic Era.

Now, the Mystic Era is here and the competition will be tougher this time around. Only those who are worthy can claim the throne. Are you up to the challenge?

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Mystic Era Overview

The Mystic Era will last for two weeks with a total prize pool of 56,238 AXS which represents 50% of Season 3’s total prize pool! It’s the final stretch for this Season and we’re excited to see which team comps will shine and who will be dominating the leaderboards in the end!

Here’s a quick look at the S3 leaderboard rewards:

New and Improved #MysticMoment is Here!

The Mystic Moment is a system that ensures players will be able to successfully craft a Mystic Rune or Charm with enough crafting attempts. We have improved this system with consideration towards the increase in the number of Mystics this Season 3, as well as based on the data we've gathered from the previous Season.

We look forward to seeing your Mystic rune and charm crafts this era! Don’t forget to share it on Twitter with the hashtag #MysticMoment and tag us (@AxieInfinity)! We’ll be featuring your tweets on our Twitter page!

One-Week Double SLP Event Details

You read that right! We’re going to be activating a one-week run of Double SLP (Smooth Love Potion) rewards for everyone. This will start on Friday, March 31.

Double SLP Event also includes Egg, Chick, and Hare rank!

All Ranks will be eligible, including Egg and other lower ranks that normally don’t receive SLP per win. More details will be shared soon! Stay tuned.

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Bug Fixes

Here are some of the bug fixes implemented for Origins:

  • Corrected the damage calculation of Storm Shuriken and Exploding Bombshell

  • Heaven’s Echoes now correctly grants 20% bonus DMG to other Allies.

  • Updated Formula for Heal/Shield/Damage:

    • The old formula incorrectly applied reductions prior to flat bonuses.

    • The new formula will now properly apply reductions after flat bonuses, then finally flat reductions at the end.

And lastly… April is right around the corner. Be careful not to get fooled inside Axie Origins—and more importantly, don't forget to login.