Origins Season 3 is Live!

More rewards. Dynamic changes. Enter the Arena.

Origins Season 3 is Live!

Key Points:

  • Origins S3 starts today!

  • Players now earn double the SLP rewards and 50% more Moonshards per victory at all ranks. The newly adjusted stamina system also allows players to continue earning Moon Shards even once they are out of Stamina!

  • Season 3 comes with a variety of balancing Changes, including new Runes and Charms.

Welcome to Season 3!

Axie Infinity: Origins season 3 is here! This season comes with updates that would make Olek proud including a juiced up SLP/Moonshard rewards system, more concentrated AXS leaderboard rewards, and a variety of balancing updates. Let’s dive in!

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AXS Leaderboards for S3

The total Origins Season 3 prize pool is a whopping 112,476.88 AXS, of which half is on the line during the Mystic Era! This gives players the chance to explore various metas during the Rare and Epic Eras before competing for the massive Mystic Era prize pool at the end of the season.

Here’s a quick look at the AXS Leaderboard distribution for this season:

In Season 3, players will need to place in the top 20,000 to earn AXS rewards instead of the top 40,000. This means bigger rewards for the most passionate Origins competitors!

Balancing Changes, New Runes and Charms

Here are the complete list of balancing changes for Season 3.











Tool Cards:

You may also refer to this sheet for a quick look at all the changes.

Additionally, all Axies will now have 15 Potential Points. This will give players more options when equipping Charms contributing to a more diverse meta.

We’re excited to see how this can help shape new metas and play-styles this season.

Extended ELO System and Updated Challenger Decay

Here are two new changes that will make Origins gameplay even more competitive in Season 3.

1) Extended ELO

When at least one Challenger is present in a match, the ELO system will apply to both players instead of just the Challenger. This change enables Non-Challengers to receive the full MMR gain on a win and reduced MMR reduction on a loss.

2) Challenger Decay

Players in the Challenger rank now need to play five games (previously one) to avoid decay. This change is being made to encourage players to defend their positions on the leaderboard. Coupled with higher rewards per victory, we believe there will be faster queue times and more players at the Challenger level this season. We’ll be watching the data closely to assess the results.

Stamina and Match Reward System Rework

We made key adjustments to the stamina system based on player feedback. First, players now earn double the SLP rewards and 50% more Moonshards per victory at all ranks. Maximum stamina has gone from 60 to 30 to balance this.

The new formula for calculating stamina is: Total Stamina = 10 + (Number of Personal Axies)

You can now earn up to 30% of Moonshard rewards without stamina with 10% unlocked per Ronin Spirit*. If you’re using 3 NFT axies, you can earn 30% of Moonshard rewards, while using 1 NFT axie will earn you 10%.

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Consistency is Key: Daily Login Bonuses are Back!

Daily login bonuses are back for the Rare Era! Log in everyday to earn Moonshards and Rare Charm/Rune boxes. Consistency is key!

S3 Rank Up Rewards

In Season 3, players will earn rewards for ranking up! This gives you the chance to craft more Runes and Charms, which increases your leaderboard standing. Plus, you’ll receive a special “Oops” sticker when you become a Level 4 Chick!

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Surprise! Animated Stickers Are Here

The first two animated stickers are here! These are a surprise bonus for those of you that pushed yourself during the recent Off-Season leaderboard and contest!

‘Cool!!!’ Sticker from the Off-Season Leaderboard Rewards
Dizzy Sticker from the ‘Seas The Day’ Contest

Happy climbing ⚔️