RON Staking. Ronin Games. Wen? NOW.

Ushering In Ronin’s Next Era. Beyond Lunacia.

RON Staking. Ronin Games. Wen? NOW.

Key Points

  • RON staking is live! Staking rewards will start to flow to stakers on April 12th.

  • To celebrate the launch of RON staking, we’re announcing the first game studio partners building on Ronin. None of these game studios are launching NFTs or tokens today. Don’t get scammed.

  • Let’s work together to spread this announcement to those beyond our community.

$RON Staking. Ronin Games. Wen? NOW.

Five years ago, a ragtag band of missionaries dreamed that we could create a new type of gaming ecosystem— one with digital property rights at its core, enabled by the latest advancements in blockchain technology. 

Today, we take the next step in our journey together. Today, we’re one step closer to our infinite destiny.

To celebrate the launch of RON staking, we’re announcing the first game studio partners building on Ronin. Notably, we’re announcing the first expansions to the Ronin ecosystem outside of the Axie IP signaling that Ronin is becoming THE launchpad for the most thoughtfully crafted and compelling Web3 games. Beyond Lunacia.

We have unshakable conviction that Web3 is the next tectonic shift in gaming. If you also know this – and can’t sleep at night thinking about the possibilities – you’re in the right place. Let’s build together.

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RON Staking Is Live!

Ronin is the first gaming chain both built by and owned by gamers. Since its fair launch, the only way to earn RON has been by farming it using in-game resources. As holders of the RON token and owners of Ronin, we’re calling upon our community to stake their RON tokens and secure the network.

Stake RON

RON Staking empowers anyone, anywhere to take an active role in supporting the Ronin– and earn rewards for doing so.Everyone has a choice: delegate your tokens to any of the 22 validators based on their contributions to the community, uptime, and commission rate. The amount of RON you earn depends on how much you stake and the validator you choose. Note that validators have until April 12th to set up their nodes, which means you may not see all of them today.

See our previous announcement for more details about staking rewards.

First Game Studios Revealed

Ronin is becoming THE launchpad for Web3 gaming. We’re thrilled to introduce the first game studios building in our ecosystem! This is a leap forward in our mission to onboard the next generation of Web3 gamers. Below you’ll find a bird’s-eye view of each studio’s background, the games they’re building on Ronin, and how you can get involved today.

Let’s give them a hero’s welcome to our movement.

Meet Directive Games

Directive Games was founded in 2014 by accomplished gaming industry veterans from companies including CCP Games, DICE, LucasArts, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and Tencent. On Ronin, they’re building The Machines Arena: a cross-platform, team-based shooter where players clash in fast-paced, intense 5-7 minute battles by wielding devastating weapons through the heroes they control.

Compete against other players in explosive PvP matches, work together to beat your opponents, or try your hand in PvE - Death Run and get a well-deserved dose of adrenaline. Sign-up for The Machines Arena closed beta now!

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Meet Tribes Studio

Tribes Studio is on a mission to revolutionize the way games are created by building community-led, web3-enabled gaming experiences that are rooted in deep creativity and innovation. CEO Glenn McGuire is a former executive at both King and Scopely who worked on Candy Crush, Walking Dead, and Star Trek. He’s assembled a dream team of successful game builders to create a social MMO called Tribesters: Island of Solas along with a Ronin-powered Community Engagement Platform. This platform will empower community members to help build the game and be rewarded for their contributions.

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Meet Bali Games

Bali Games are the makers behind the Korean mobile puzzle game and smash-hit Anipang, which achieved $1.8 billion gross revenue and over 130 million downloads. Even Jiho’s mom played Anipang!

Bali Games has also expanded major IPs like Disney Pop, Snoopy Puzzle, and BT21. On Ronin, Bali Games will leverage these experiences to create Axie-inspired puzzle games starting with Axie Champions, a Match 3 game intended to introduce a new archetype of gamer to the Axie universe. In match3 games, players move objects on a grid to create a line or cluster of three or more identical objects. Think Axie X Candy Crush! Bali Games will also be building a Match 3 game outside of the Axie universe in the future.

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Meet is bringing their blockchain-based cricket game to Ronin and plans to create new, multidimensional experiences for sports fans around the world. After extensive research, our team pinpointed India as a well-positioned market for Web3 gaming adoption. India has a young population with over 500M gamers! Plus, cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world with 2.5 billion fans and counting. This partnership will enable Sky Mavis to tap into a new and highly engaged community while furthering our mission of bringing digital property rights to gamers everywhere.

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Meet SkyVu

SkyVu is the game studio behind the award-winning Battle Bears franchise with over 40 million downloads. The team has more than a decade of game development experience and was featured on PocketGamer. We’re most excited about their newest game – Battle Bears Heroes – currently in a closed beta. MOBA games have been booming because they’re a perfect blend of competitive and fun gameplay.

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We Need Your Help

We’ve emerged battle-tested after a relentless year of building through adversity. Today, we unleash the power of our passionate community and celebrate together. Let’s work together to spread this announcement to those beyond our community.To do this, we need your help. Click the button below to share today’s news with your friends, your family, and followers. Twitter’s algorithm spreads information based on engagement.

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Let’s Build Together

We launched Ronin in 2021 to bring digital property rights to gamers. Today, we’re thrilled to build alongside pioneering studios who share our vision. The future of gaming is powered by Ronin, and driven by community.