Shotzzy & Scump call out "scumbag" CDL pros over secret audio setting

Shotzzy & Scump dished on Loudness Equalization and how it impacts CDL games, calling anyone who won't agree to ban it "scumbags."

Shotzzy & Scump call out "scumbag" CDL pros over secret audio setting

Shotzzy and Scump discussed the state of the Call of Duty League during ta January 29 watch party and the SMGs didn’t hold back on the state of MW2’s audio and the pros that are abusing a secret setting.

During the first match of January 29’s CDL Major 2 qualifiers Shotzzy and Scump sat down to talk about the state of the game.

‘The King’ asked his former SMG dup what he thought about his upcoming match, and while he assured fans he’s still excited to take on Atlanta FaZe for the #1 seed at the event, he’s grown frustrated over how easy it is to abuse the game’s audio.

Shotzzy & Scump call out players for using Loudness Equalization during CDL matches.

It didn’t take long for their conversation to turn to the Loudness Equalization setting that is available to PC players in Modern Warfare 2.

“It’s bad,” Shotzzy admitted. “I’m not saying that’s why we lost [to Las Vegas] but whenever you were playing, maybe like one team was on the setting, now like every team is on the setting…people don’t even need awareness to have awareness.”

Scump followed him up by saying that there are definitely “scumbags in the league” and that enacting a Gentleman’s Agreement to not use the setting would prove useless. “People are going to use it anyway because they’re scumbags.”

For those who don’t know, Loudness Equalization does exactly what it sounds like. After enabling it, every sound in the game become takes on equal priority, so footsteps that were previously quiet now become exponentially easier to hear, creating a distinct advantage when it comes to tracking enemies.

Until it’s banned, Shotzzy thinks there’s no way to avoid having it on. “If you’re not using it you’re actually trolling…”

It has become a divisive point of discussion in the community overall and it will likely come under the microscope even harder in the downtime following Major 2.