Simple Precision Airstrike trick makes for easy kills in Warzone 2

This Precision Airstrike tip reveals how to get the most out of the killstreak when it comes to dealing with high ground in Warzone 2.

Simple Precision Airstrike trick makes for easy kills in Warzone 2

Warzone 2’s Precision Airstrike killstreak is one of the most versatile tools in the game and this tip will help players get the most value from each use.

High ground is the name of the game in Warzone 2. If a player is stuck on the bottom floor or a building, under an overpass, or hoping to cross an open field and protect themselves while doing so, the Precision Airstrike is an invaluable tool to help them create some space or to make an enemy team reposition.

While they’re quite spammable in Season 1, the upcoming change to backpacks in Season 2 means that won’t be the case for long and crafty players will need to know how to get their money’s worth every time they call one in.

Warzone 2 Precision Airstrike tip sets up easy kills

As shown by YouTuber Savage_2C, precision really is a part of the strategy when calling in this helpful streak.

Instead of blindly sending it in a random direction at the opposition, players should take their time and maneuver into the exact direction they want the rolling guns to fire.

The player in the video demonstrates this by waiting until the circle collapses, creating the smallest area possible for the enemies to be in. When they’re ready, they turn to face the bridge and send the airstrike in from directly overhead.

This angle maximizes the streak by leaving the target squad practically no room to work with when trying to escape. Their only real hope is to jump off the bridge and into some awaiting gunfire.

This can also be used to flush enemies out of hiding if there are multiple squads on high ground but with no angle to actually shoot each other.

Pinpointing the flight path will undoubtedly open up easier lanes to push or tactically reposition behind.