The Axie Creator Program

Supporting our community of contributors and content creators

The Axie Creator Program

Everyone should participate in the value they help create.

This is the core belief behind many Axie initiatives like AXS leaderboard rewards, Lunacian Codes, IRL meetup grants, and more. These programs deploy support back to Lunacians everywhere while helping to further align incentives.

Today, we begin testing a framework that provides valuable support back to our community of contributors and content creators:

The Axie Creator Program

The Axie Creator Program is being designed to identify and, more importantly, support contributors who are impactful to the Axie ecosystem. It sounds simple enough, but building this kind of program in web3 brings new and unique challenges, many of which have never been solved before.

To begin solving these challenges and to help us operationalize the program over the next six months, we enlisted the expertise of QU3ST. With their help, we developed an initial program framework and proposed some answers to the questions below:

Who is eligible?

While every Lunacian is eligible to participate in the Axie Creator Program, the Program is designed to identify and support:

  • Content Creators (video, live, audio, written)

  • Creatives (artists, editors, memers, cosplayers)

  • Developers

  • Contributors (guilds, niche communities, event organizers, competitive players)

Other forms of contribution will be integrated as the Program evolves. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

How will the program be structured?

For the Axie Creator Program to succeed, it will require regular involvement and feedback from the community. The Program structure is broken out into two phases: 

  • Phase 1: Establish processes to collect feedback and listen to participants.

  • Phase 2: Provide more meaningful support, based on information from Phase 1.

It is important that the community helps shape this Program so it can best support all creator contributions. Phase 1 will end when we have enough information from the community to identify different needs and proper ways to support them.

How can participants progress?

Progression starts with:

  1. Join the Axie Infinity Discord

  2. Introduce yourself in the Creators Program chat (#creator-central)

  3. Engage with Axie Creator Program staff

During Phase 2, regular prompts and calls-to-action will be released to help supercharge contributions and creativity. Outputs from these engagements and other metrics will play a role in how participants progress further in the Axie Creator Program.

What kind of rewards can be provided?

The Axie Creator Program will include rewards to catalyze all forms of creator contribution. The plan is to start with easily accessible rewards based on the data already collected from the community. The Program will then introduce larger, more complex reward projects as we gather feedback over time. 

To start, this Program will launch with two types of rewards:

  • Access to: news, initiatives, patches, key moments, and events

  • Support via: dedicated points-of-contact, social media engagement, and monetary grants

Rewards will be expanded as the Program continues to collect feedback from its participants.

How should the program and verticals be governed?

Initially, QU3ST will lead the creation of this Program, along with support from the Axie team. The Program is actively looking to the community to bring on additional team members. If this is something you’re interested in, then please find us in the Axie discord and let’s talk more!

Now, we need your help perfecting this framework.

Help us understand how to best support your specific niche. What metrics are important to you? What qualitative measures should be considered? What kind of support do you need? How can we best empower what you’re doing in the Axie community?

Over the next couple weeks, we will host a series of Twitter spaces, Discord stages, commonwealth posts, and community discussions to hear from you, gather learnings, and build a more robust program.

  • June 16, 12 pm EST - Twitter Spaces on @AxieInfinity

  • June 16, 6 pm EST - LatAm Discord Stage in Axie Spanish Discord

  • June 16, 9 pm EST - Discord Stage in official Axie Discord

  • June 17, 12 am EST - Japanese Twitter Spaces on @AxieJPOfficial 

  • June 19, 9 am EST - PH Twitter Spaces on @axiephofficial

In tandem, we’re onboarding dedicated points of contact for creator & contributor verticals (verticals are described in ‘Who should be eligible?’ above). These individuals will be your go-to for scheduling 1-on-1s and sharing unmet needs.

Finally, we’re introducing creator roles and channels in the Axie discord in order to supercharge our discussion. Come chat with us!

If this journey sounds interesting to you, join us by completing the official Axie Creator Program intake form.

Complete the intake form

This will be a first-of-its-kind web3 creator program, and we’re excited to build it alongside all of you.

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ.