Warzone 2 streamer Slacked gets "death threats" after killing Symfuhny, Tim, CouRage & Cloak in-game

Slacked has been accused of stream sniping the top Twitch and YouTube stars while they were grinding for their first nuke.

Nov 24, 2022 - 21:33
Warzone 2 streamer Slacked gets "death threats" after killing Symfuhny, Tim, CouRage & Cloak in-game

Twitch streamer and former professional Call of Duty player Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry has claimed that he received death threats after killing the squad of Symfuhny, TimTheTatman, CouRageJD, and Cloakzy who were doing a Warzone 2 nuke hunt.

Slacked retired from professional CoD in 2021 following a disappointing couple of Majors during the Cold War season on the Florida Mutineers, and before long transitioned into content creation.

He’s been streaming on Twitch regularly ever since, competing in Warzone tournaments and attempting to make a name for himself in the battle royale world.

Evidently, his raw skill is up there with the very best, given his professional background, so when he came up against a group of streamers, he was naturally going to have the edge — much to the disdain of their fans.

Slacked nearly ends CouRage, Symfuhny, Tim & Cloak nuke hunt

Dropping into Al Mazrah, Slacked was completely unaware of the stature of players that were in his lobby, just playing his usual game.

After nearly wiping out one full squad, though, sending three of them to the Gulag, Slacked was alerted to the fact that he had killed Symfuhny, TimTheTatman, and CouRageJD, with the squad also featuring Cloakzy.

Slacked accused of stream sniping

When both squads returned from the Gulag, there was joking in each of their chats, and between the streamers themselves, about hunting each other down, but some fans believe Slacked was actually stream sniping in an attempt to ruin the squad’s nuke hunt.

In one clip, several hours later with new teammates and once again in the same lobby as the streaming quartet, Slacked’s teammate says that they “can’t let them nuke,” before they agree that they would “definitely get canceled” for ending the Warzone 2 nuke hunt.

Shortly after, he spoke about how viral it would go on TikTok if he managed to 1v4 them to end their run.

Slacked receives death threats

Later that day, Slacked took to Twitter to reveal that he had actually received death threats and swatting threats from fans of the streamers, as well as his Twitch channel being mass reported.

None of the other four streamers involved have spoken out on Twitter regarding the situation, though they all know Slacked, especially CouRage, who has worked extensively with him in the past in the pro CoD scene.

Whether anything comes of this remains to be seen: if Twitch actually believes he was stream sniping, Slacked could risk a ban, but it’s impossible to tell whether they would see that to be true.

Tim, CouRage, Cloak, and Symfuhny did end up getting their nuke after a long day of grinding, so Slacked didn’t manage to ruin their run at all, which will certainly be good enough for them.

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